Authenticity in Screen Tourism: Significance of Real and Substituted Screen Locations


Title              : Authenticity in Screen Tourism: Significance of Real and Substituted Screen Locations  

Researcher       :  Rittichainuwat, B.Laws, E.Scott, N.Rattanaphinanchai, S.

Department      : Service Industry Management, Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

E-mail                 :  Bongkosh N. Rittichainuwat

Abstract            :  This article examines the meaning and significance of screen tourism location authenticity. The article analyses the interrelationship among places (real vs. substituted historical sites associated with tourists’ favorite films and TV programs) and activities (reenactment of photo shootings and costume rentals). The study finds a number of visitor segments go to screen tourism locations. For Screen Authentic Tourists, objective and existential authenticity do not matter as long as the destinations are associated with their favorite films. Screen tourism is a rapidly growing sector; this article examines its dynamics and evaluates various approaches to screen tourism authenticity, particularly theoplacity.

Keywords         :   outbound tour, Thai tourists, Korea, film tourism motivation, film sets, tourist segment, dynamics, tourist heterogeneity

Publication        : Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research  Vol.42 No.8  November 2018

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Bibliography     :  Rittichainuwat, B., Laws, E., Scott, N., & Rattanaphinanchai, S. (2018). Authenticity in screen tourism: Significance of real and substituted screen locations. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research42(8), 1274–1294.

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